Creative writing class

Flat out at work

Well here I am, hard at work pretending to be an assassinated queen, doing role plays with a creative writing class at Ryan Catholic College in Townsville where I was lucky enough to be Writer in Residence for four days last month. I had a fantastic time inspiring young writers from Years Five to Eight and was truly amazed at some of the beautiful work they produced.

I used lots of yoga techniques to get rid of that critical voice that can inhibit creativity, and the kids took to it brilliantly, writing like furies. Even those who’d never written anything creative by choice before, were proudly reading their pieces aloud to the group by the end of the session.

Later in the month, I ran workshops alongside other writers at the annual Meanjin Young Writers Boot camp at Griffith University. So much fun!

I love doing this kind of work. So if you, or anyone you know, is looking for a visiting writer to inspire students, please do think of me and contact SpeakersInk.

Check out my new OPEN FOR BUSINESS page too.

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