A few times every year I hold wonderful retreats for women that combine my twin passions – yoga and writing.

In the mornings we do some gentle yoga, then through the day we get stuck into writing with workshops that are suitable for writers from absolute beginners to those wishing to renew their writing mojo, or those battling writers block. On Saturday nights we let loose and dance our hearts out! All activities are totally optional.

In beautiful locations at affordable prices, we feast and have fun, escaping ordinary life for a few days to immerse ourselves in writing.

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To MAKE PAYMENTS  – Please either contact me to arrange DIRECT DEBIT or PAYMENT PLANS.


RETREAT DEPOSIT $200 to secure your place at any Relax and Write RETREAT. NOTE – NOT BALI! Just make sure you contact me to check availability first.


OR use the PAYPAL BUTTON ABOVE to pay your deposit for the next retreat.

Come along and join our merry band of mermaids and wood nymphs!

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Amaroo On Mandalay MAGNETIC ISLAND. North Queensland.


For all the information see THIS POST

Beautiful Magnetic Island

WORKSHOPS: Narrative technique focus, character and dialogue plus special introductory workshop on screenwriting! Glorious location to avoid winter blues. A weekend in paradise with top class workshops at a bargain basement price!

PAY YOUR DEPOSIT BY MARCH 31 for EARLY BIRD PRICES $580 twin share or $700 single room.


Blissful Bali Writing Retreat

With Kerstin Pilz PhD and Edwina Shaw


Come on in and join the fun!

Theosophical Society Retreat Centre SPRINGBROOK Gold Coast Hinterland

WORKSHOPS focus on feedback, self editing, structural issues, redrafting and the business side of writing. Best for those with a substantial amount of work done on a larger project or story collection. Glorious location in the rainforest with our own private waterfall just a short walk away. Fireside readings, and delicious home made vegetarian fare.



Normal $500

Single rooms, share bathroom with one other woman. Great food!



WORKSHOPS focus on memoir, autobiographical fiction, personal essays. Lots of writing exercises. Best suited for those writing from life and those just starting out on their writing adventures. Come along and bring your writing dreams to life! A safe and gentle community to support you as you start.

Pay your deposit by August 31 for EARLY BIRD$480, full price $520

Single rooms with bathrooms shared between two women 🙂

I hope you find a retreat that’s just right for you. CONTACT ME for more info.

We always have a wonderful time! We’re a growing tribe of creative women. Come and join us!

Lots of love

Edwina xxx

You can book into any of the retreats for 2023 right now by dropping me a line and paying the $200 deposit. Please specify which retreat you’re interested in. Participant numbers are strictly limited so I can give everyone the attention they deserve.

Contact me with your retreat preference and I’ll send you my details to pay by direct deposit – preferred.

Or PAY YOUR DEPOSIT HERE and email me with your retreat preference.

Come along and join our group of happy campers! Treat yourself to a retreat this year. You deserve some time and space for just you and your writing.

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Lots of love

Edwina xx


Here’s what some of our retreaters had to say about their experiences.

“As a complete “ Rookie”,  writing my first memoir, I found the retreat such a godsend. All the helpful tips,  such as structure, setting scenes etc. etc. has been an enormous help. The fellow writers were also very friendly and encouraging. The setting, the workshops and the great catering made for a thoroughly enjoyable few days. 

The day after I returned from the workshop, I wrote one of the most difficult chapters,  that I had been reluctant to tackle. Thank you,  Edwina for such an amazing experience 🌺”

Dolina  Somerville (memoir retreat October 21 – 23 2022)

“A life changing weekend. I’ve come back with such a different view on my writing and feel really empowered generally. I had reached a point with this project where I felt like I was stumbling in the dark, and this retreat and all the amazing women guided me to the light switch!

I will definitely be back next year. I aim to arrive with my first published book.”

Erin Benjamin (memoir retreat participant October 2022)

“Memoir writing is not my thing, or so I thought. After last weekend’s Relax and Write Retreat, I am inspired to craft at least a ‘slice of life’. Edwina’s enthusiasm and encouragement are infectious. Connecting with others who aspire to put their lives on the page and sharing our experiences became an unexpected joy.” 

Raelene Purtill (memoir retreat participant October 2022)

“I came on retreat not expecting so many experienced writers and was a bit overwhelmed at first. But everyone was there for each other. It’s always great spending time in groups of women. The yoga, massage and food were excellent in a perfect location. Even the weather was good!” (memoir retreat participant October 2022)

“Edwina and Gay made everyone feel safe. It made the whole retreat so intimate and joyful and when big emotions hit, the group support was genuine and amazing. I’ll be back!” (memoir retreat participant October 2022)

“Edwina’s ability to create a safe, nurturing space allowed us to improve our technical skills of writing, gain clarity about our stories and confidence to release our voices into the world.”

Dolores Cummins (memoir retreat participant October 2022)

“I attended the Springbrook Relax and Write Retreat on 12-14 August, 2022.  This turned out to be an amazing retreat. As a new author, I had no idea what to expect. I met the most amazing group of authors, ranging in age from 20 to me being the oldest at 76. They came from all walks of life and stages of their writing; and I found them very supportive. One of the highlights for me was Edwina’s assessment of the first 10 pages of my manuscript and synopsis. We had sent these prior to the retreat, so she could assess them ahead of time. Then at the retreat, we met individually with Edwina for her to go over her suggestions with us and give us a written copy of this. I found this very helpful, comments on how to change to saying what I wanted to in a better way, specific feedback, picked-up on two important things which I had not realised were not clear to the reader, use of conjunctions rather than two words so it read more smoothly, and very positive. I left the meeting with Edwina feeling excited to continue editing my book. Another highlight for me was the atmosphere. My life has included a lot of stress and the whole atmosphere at the retreat was relaxed and accepting. Each morning when I woke up, I simply felt peaceful. And I made friends who I hope to retain for a long time. I would recommend this retreat to any author. What a boost to my journey in writing. Thank you, Edwina.”

Patty Sierra (Feedback retreat participant August 2022)

“This was my first writing workshop and there was initially some doubt as to whether I should do it because I am only starting out as a writer. I went and found it fully rewarding. I felt like a valued member of the group, and to me these workshops are not just about the skills and connections but the journey and self-identity. I gained confidence and more clarity about my future direction. I highly recommend Edwina’s workshops.”

Nina Curry-Powell (Feedback retreat participant August 2022)

“Thanks for a lovely weekend Edwina! It was such a wonderful change from my regular responsibilities and I really loved the beautiful surroundings and being able to have long chats about writing with other kindred spirits. I came home recharged, inspired and wanting to do it all again.”

Nikki Mottram author of soon to be released crime novel Crows Nest. (Feedback retreat participant August 2022)

“Thank you Edwina for another amazing retreat. Springbrook was the perfect setting in the rain, with the wood fire, delicious home cooked vegetarian meals and a fabulous group of women. I was glad I sent you the ten pages, two weeks before, as it prompted me to get writing and it made what you were teaching more relevant. I really appreciated your professional feedback and after our session I felt more confident to share my writing with others. The gentle yoga and relaxation sessions were such a treat, as was the bodywork session with Monique. Definitely feeling relaxed AND I’m writing! See you again next year.” 

Catherine Eadie repeat retreater (Feedback retreat participant August 2022)

“Edwina is a passionate teacher and storyteller. She has a warm, down to earth way of connecting with people that makes everyone feel welcome. Her workshops are fun, creative and engaging — full of practical, helpful advice, and the deeper questions driving characters and story, making it ideal for writers at any stage in their work. I liked how Springbrook in the winter feels like a private retreat — tucked away in the Gold Coast hinterland, surrounded by national parks and hiking trails, with yoga workshops and the most amazing vegetarian food! Also enjoyed the late-night chats and readings by the fire, meeting and connecting with such an interesting group of women writers, who all shared a passion for great storytelling. I have to say that as a teacher myself, I am in awe of Edwina’s style of teaching and her ability to create a true, nurturing spirit of openness and community. At the end of the retreat, I felt connected to my work in a deeper way and like everyone else, totally inspired.” 

Rebecca Belfield-Kennedy (Feedback retreat participant August 2022)

Edwina’s Springbrook writing retreat has been one of my favourite creative adventures as a long-term writer. We received the time and space in a nurturing environment to unpack our stresses and expand our creativity into new areas. The manuscript development workshops educated us on structure, acts, scenes, and timelines to develop a cohesive storyline and how to pitch our finished product. In perfect balance, the time spent exploring the story’s meaning and the overall aim of our writing goals is focused warmly and gently on the developing writer as they remember why they love to write. My time at the retreat has led to a refreshed love for my writing and renewed creative energy; thank you for this opportunity, Edwina.

Angela Reedman-Polinski (Feedback retreat participant August 2022)