Writer in Residence

st pat's hands up!

Last week I had the honour of being Writer in Residence at St Patrick’s College  for the school’s Men of Words week. In the most beautiful teaching room imaginable, overlooking the Shorncliffe Pier and Moreton Bay, I shared my love of writing with all of the young men in years 7, 8 and 9.

We started each session with a general chat about the importance of reading, and the magic of reading and writing – the unique creation that is formed every time a different person interacts with a text. Then we got down to the fun stuff – RELAXING and WRITING!

st pat's relax!!

I love this shot because it’s such a joy to help everybody let go of their busy days and enter their imaginations. Love the boy in the jacket with the levitating arms!

Once everybody was calm, I led them into a creative writing exercise, entering a story world of their own, populated by characters of their own invention. Once they had a story in mind, I got them to roll over and write it – as fast as they could – with a time limit!

st pat's boys writing

Though I did end up with a few Fort Knight (a poplar game with teenage boys I’ve discovered!) stories, most of the writing that emerged was fresh and original, and some pieces were extraordinary. The bravest of boys read their stories aloud to the group. It’s amazing how many volunteers I had once I bribed them with a mint!

It was an absolute joy working with the young gentlemen, and hard-working staff, of St. Pat’s. I hope that my visit has helped to inspire a love of writing and reading that will last all their lives.

Shorncliffe pier

To have me come along and do writing workshops with your school or writing group please contact Speakers Ink. In the meantime – I’m off to the second ever RELAX and WRITE RETREAT for women. Three full days of yoga and writing 🙂 YAY!!



Received this wonderful feedback from my stint as Writer in Residence at Ryan Catholic College and wanted to share it (well okay – show off!).

“Edwina’s visit was great. She was very flexible and able to accommodate our needs – and I threw a diverse range of needs at her! She was able to adapt her workshops to suit students of all year levels from Year 5 to Year 8, and to meet the needs of both high-needs and high-performing children. Her workshops were simple in structure – rather than ‘dazzling’ us with technology, she got down very quickly to the core of writing. This enabled our students to produce some very high-quality work very quickly.

I would strongly recommend Edwina to other schools – especially those looking to engage a writer who actually draws work out of students. They loved the program, their teachers loved it and we have all been able to take some great tips for writing away from it.”

Graham Joseph

Curriculum Leader – English (5-8) Ryan Catholic College

Thanks Graham 🙂

Remember you can book a workshop with me anytime through Speakers Ink