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Edwina offers a variety of services from mentoring and expert editing of your creative writing, as well as facilitating unique creative writing workshops and retreats that combine yoga and writing.

See also her RELAX and WRITE RETREATS website for more information on her retreats.

You can contact Edwina at

or phone 0423 460 415  Sometimes my reception is bad, so text me your name, number and request and I’ll get back to you.

Here’s a testimonial about my editing service  from Azra Algaic, author of Not Like My Mother 

“Edwina Shaw is the kind of editor you hope to find: caring and nurturing, but also frank and bold. She challenges you on structure and logic, helping you to create a tighter, cleaner plot, while also honing in on those grammatical oversights and inevitable typos. Her technical and craft knowledge result in a holistic and detailed assessment of your manuscript that leaves you inspired to tackle that dreaded rewrite.”


Edwina Shaw

Edwina Shaw

Edwina Shaw offers innovative, interactive creative writing workshops for children, teenagers and adults. Her unique combination of movement and creative writing creates an atmosphere where creativity blossoms and students thrive.

Edwina is a registered teacher with over twenty years teaching experience for a wide variety of purposes ranging from special schools, to juvenile justice centres, English courses for migrants and refugees, child care centres, the Queensland Writers’ Centre and universities. She once had her own language school in Cambodia. Since 2005, she has been teaching creative writing at the University of Queensland. For the past ten years she’s also been teaching yoga, most recently to the performance dance students at the QLD University of Technology.

It is this unique combination of the physical and the intellect that makes her writing workshops so much fun, incorporating simple yoga, drama and dance techniques to help bring writing alive.

Edwina holds a Master’s Degree in Creative Writing from the University of QLD (2005) and has been writing and publishing fiction and memoir for over thirteen years. In 2012, her book, Thrill Seekers (Ransom Publishing UK), a hard-hitting look at teenage life on the wrong side of the tracks, was shortlisted for the NSW Premier’s Award for New Writing. She has also had several stories published in Australian and International literary journals, including the 2014 Best Australian Stories collection (Black Inc.).

Edwina’s school sessions balance all three strands of the National English Curriculum: Language, Literature and Literacy. Her workshops are particularly effective for students struggling with literacy issues.

WORKSHOPS INCLUDE (Can be tailored or created for your purposes)

For Adults and Teens

Writing the Body — a combination of movement and writing activities to bring your writing to life — using more than the five senses!

Page Turners — how to build suspense in your stories through structure and secret keeping

Talking Heads — writing dialogue that sings — this workshop incorporates role-play activities

Short Stories — The Basics — learn the essential elements of successful short story writing from an award winner

Writing from Life — how to turn moments of your own life into stories readers can’t put down

Drug and Alcohol Awareness — using stories from Thrill Seekers to illustrate discussion points, and to educate and facilitate honest and open communication about drug and alcohol use and how to mitigate the dangers.

For Children

Writing Stories is FUN — an interactive, drama and movement based workshop to get reluctant learners engaged with writing. Years 3 -7

What your Nose Knows  What stories would your feet tell? What about your tummy? A movement and writing mix that gets everyone writing stories they didn’t even know they had inside them. Years 3-7

Story People — Creating characters. Who are your favourite story people? Why do you love them? How are characters different from people in real life? Using movement, visual stimuli and role playing activities, students will create unique characters to write about. Years 5-7

For Grief and Loss

Gentle workshops combining soothing yoga techniques, writing and other creative arts to help those mourning move through the pain of loss


3 thoughts on “HOW CAN I HELP YOU? CONTACT


  2. coachuniko says:

    Hello Edwina, love your state, am intrigued by your work. Where are you based? Nomad? Anywhere around Barcelona anytime soon?

    • Edwina Shaw says:

      Hi, Thanks so much for your feedback. I’m based in Queensland Australia but do love to travel! I’m in Scotland at the moment. Love Barcelona and would be happy to visit there again one day. Happy travels! Ed x

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