Edwina Shaw
Edwina Shaw


Edwina provides editing services for all stages of development. She combines a structural and developmental edit with close attention to your writing style and sentences, to help you improve as a writer.

CONTACT EDWINA if you’d like some professional help getting your manuscript ready for publication.


“Edwina Shaw is the kind of editor you hope to find: caring and nurturing, but also frank and bold. She challenges you on structure and logic, helping you to create a tighter, cleaner plot, while also honing in on those grammatical oversights and inevitable typos. Her technical and craft knowledge result in an holistic and detailed assessment of your manuscript that leaves you inspired to tackle that dreaded rewrite.”

Azra Algaic, author of Not Like My Mother 

“I was delighted to discover that Edwina’s talented professional editing services not only improved the quality of my book, but also subtly taught me things about how I write and how to improve in the future.  I really valued the extra questions she would pose that made me dig deeper and expand what I had written. She added the zing to my book.”

Sonja Bernhardt OAM, author of Girls Do IT Too!


Not sure where to start? Stuck somewhere in the middle? Need an experienced writer to guide you along the writing path? I’m here to help.

Meet via zoom or in real life or just over the phone. Let me help you polish your writing and shape your project.

For over a decade I’ve been working with new writers helping them to achieve their writing goals.

CONTACT ME for more information on Mentorship packages


Creative Writing Workshops

Edwina Shaw offers innovative, interactive creative writing workshops for children, teenagers and adults. Her unique combination of movement and creative writing creates an atmosphere where creativity blossoms .

For Grief and Loss

Gentle workshops combining soothing yoga techniques, writing and other creative arts to help those mourning move through the pain of loss

For more information on workshops and to book Edwina for a workshop or as a speaker, please see SPEAKERS INK or CONTACT EDWINA.



RELAX and WRITE RETREATS are Edwina’s special passion. She just loves getting groups of women writers together to create, write, feast, relax and support each other.

RW3 group shot goodie

A few times a year she runs special RELAX AND WRITE RETREATS – yoga and writing retreats for women.

Participants always have a wonderful time and write up a storm.

Writers at work!

For more information see HERE

I’m here to help you get those stories out of your head and onto the page!

Drop me a line and let me know how I can be of service 🙂


  1. Hi Edwina 🙂

    I met you at the Atherton Workshop last month and we had a 1-on-1 afterwards. I am in the process of publishing my memoir ‘Boy of Steel’. Not sure if you remember me? Anyway, I am now up to printing stage, I’m just wondering if you can refer me to a good printing company?

    And I can’t recall… do you load your own ebook onto Amazon or do you go through a publishing house to do so?


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