Elephant Cove. Denmark, Western Australia

Elephant Cove. Denmark, Western Australia

One more sleep and I’m off to this beautiful place, retiring from the world without regret. For a few weeks, at least. I love this command from the I Ching the ancient Taoist oracle. I think most of us need to retire from the world every now and then, especially writers. After I post this, I’m packing my laptop to take with me. No internet access where I’m going, but plenty of time to just write! I hope to complete my next offering from Ransom Publishing In the Dark Of Night – a YA ghost story due for release in the UK in April 2016.

This year has been a pretty wild ride, so I’m very glad to be able to have this time out to focus on just being – and writing too, of course. I wish you all this freedom — to claim yourself some space and time, a beautiful place to rest, and when you’re ready, plenty of inspiration.

Giant trees in South West WA

Valley of the Giants

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