woman juggling

Juggling Superstar

This is NOT a picture of me. I’ve never had legs that long or a skirt that short.

It IS however, how I feel at the moment with the full swing of work, writing, and motherhood now in force. I’m teaching yoga to dance students at one university and creative writing to many more at another – including over sixty darling pieces of weekly homework. I’m continuing to teach yoga privately, that’s my bread and butter, and do editing, as well as being chief cook and bottle washer for my lovely, always-hungry, mess-making family.

And in between all of this, I stake out a claim for the work I really want to do – my new writing project! “Dear Madman – In Search of the Shadowman and the Nature of Forgiveness,” a combined memoir and investigative piece revolving around the murder of my grandmother’s sister as a child.

It’s fascinating work, characters are demanding to be heard, research to be done. A structure to be found.

Best of all, it’s already piqued the attention of one of Australia’s leading publishers. So hold tight. Perhaps one day soon I’ll be paid money for my writing  and be able to spend more of my precious time doing it.

Until then, I’ll continue juggling, keeping all those balls in the air, and remembering to breathe!

4 thoughts on “JUGGLING SUPERSTAR?

  1. Hi Edwina,

    Your new project sounds fascinating. Just the barest details had me intrigued. I bet you’re itching to get to it a lot of the time.

    I don’t have any new insights into juggling many balls at once, but I do encourage a culture amongst my friends of dusty floors and washing baskets filled with unfolded clothing. When I say encourage, I try to lead by example.

    PS my legs have never looked like that either

    • Thanks for your lovely comment Fiona. Yes, I am itching to get to my project ALL teh time! SO much to do on it, and it just keeps getting MORE interesting. Housework has never been one of my priorities, pity my poor German husband, so I can totally relate to dust balls and piles of washing! What are you working on at the moment? Ed xx

      • Wow, that story must be great to work on if you’re still finding out more. Because as far as I can tell, writing isn’t always inspired & exhilarating – sometimes it can be just putting one foot in front of the other.

        I’m working on a couple of short stories – one that I’ve re-written & edited a bazillion times, and another that I am just starting to re-draft. Considering sending the former off to Quadrant??!! (might re over-reaching here but I thought I might just give it a go).

        Have a productive and happy week!

        xo Fiona

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