YEEHAH! OH YES OH YES OH YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Made the top fifty in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award! Click here for the good news. My stomach was churning as I saw the Ds come up and then there I was. Top  fifty. Top 1% from the 5000! Och Miene Gute!
Click here to read an excerpt and write a review of your own if you like.
You may not have noticed but I’m very, very excited. It’s like getting a spot on THE VOICE for writers!
Huge thank yous to all those who “liked” my entry.
Love to all,

4 thoughts on “TOP FIFTY!

  1. Ed,
    Just read the excerpt from When it Rains, and oh my God, it is beautiful. You had me at the first sentence. Beautiful, lyrical, sensitive writing. Can’t wait to read the rest. x

    • Thanks so much Azra. I find out in the next couple of days if I make the top three. Cross fingers!!!! If you have any time free (which i know is a huge ask for you!) you could do a short review for me on the Amazon site. Good luck with your new blog. Try and post more often than I do!! Off to work with me.

      • Absolutely Ed. I’ll wait till the wknd if that’s ok. I want to make sure I set some time aside and not do my usual midweek rushed response. I don’t know about posting more though! That was one of reasons I resisted setting up a blog in the first place. Xx

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