A man picking lotus near Angkor Wat

A man picking lotus near Angkor Wat

The world seems to be turning suddenly very fast for me at the moment. First the launch of Thrill Seekers after waiting so long and now this! My Cambodian novel under the title “When it Rains”has made the quarter finals of the Amazon/Penguin USA breakthrough novel awards. It feels like a miracle. 

Here’s what the Amazon reviewer had to say about the excerpt,

“My overall opinion of this excerpt is that I can’t wait to read the rest. It is sad and revealing yet true and important. Apparently from reading the pitch, the author experienced this trip to Cambodia and has put together this fine piece of fiction so that through this story others may read and get an understanding of life in this country. It is very, very good writing. ”

That makes my day!

If you have a few minutes could you please click on the link, join Amazon if you haven’t already – it takes less than a minute I just did it – , then “like” my entry.  If you’ve got an ereader you can download an excerpt and do a review.
And if you’re feeling extra benevolent please share this link too.
Thank you all so very much.
I hope that one day I can help you make your dreams come true too.
With love,

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