thrill seekers book cover
Thrill Seekers

What more could a girl ask for Christmas than a launch date?

 All these years I’ve been hoping and dreaming that one day I would stand in front of a crowd at my favourite bookstore showing off a copy of my very own book.

Writers often use birth analogies for their creations being born into the wider world, leaving the mother and making its own friends, way, place. 

Well, this has been one hell of a long labour but at last I have a date when my very first book baby will make its appearance.

  Friday 9th March at Avid Reader, West End in Brisbane.

I’m so happy I could bust.
All you budding writers out there, don’t give up.
Most of all when it seems too hard, too long, too painful. It’s worth it.
 Because you know what?  The amount of suffering is equalled by the amount of joy!
I wish you all this joy and more for Christmas!
with love

4 thoughts on “LAUNCH DATE!

  1. Great book Edwina, I ripped through it in a day! I hope it goes really well, it’s very well written and captures with great accuracy the carnage of addiction and mental illness. All the best, Kate

    • Thanks so much Kate. I loved your book too. It was all very close to home and real. I especially liked your emphasis on recovery. Let’s get the word out!
      All teh very best,

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