Hi everyone!

I just found this great short story competition that’s free to enter and has great cash prizes. Thirty thousand Pounds Stirling for the winner and one thousand each for six short listed authors, plus publication. Oh yes!

The only catch is that you need to have had something published in either the UK or Ireland. Lucky I have Ransom 🙂

So if you have already been lucky enough to have had a story published in the UK or Ireland click HERE for all the details. You’re only allowed one entry, so make sure it’s your very best work.

Then cross your fingers.

May the Writing Gods be with us all!

Wishing you all a Merry Sweaty Christmas from here in Brisbane.

Lots of love

Edwina xx


  1. YES!!!! You’re on a roll! Told you, you were bloody good. Book contract next! Good luck with this one. I put in Something No One Else Can See. What will you put in? See you when you get home xxx

    • Not sure if I’ve read that one Ed but I love the title!! No idea what I’d put in, haven’t written for weeks … will try to get back into it soon. Thanks again & Merry Christmas! xx

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