What grief has taught me

Grief has been a shaping force in my life. But amid all the sorrow, it has also brought me a deep appreciation of all the good life brings, a compassionate heart, and, I hope a little wisdom.

In The Gifts of Grief, my latest article on Uplift, I share what I’ve learnt.

What has life taught you? I’d love to know.

One thought on “What grief has taught me

  1. What grief has taught me is a resilience I never thought possible, an inner strength to appreciate each day as it comes and a knowing grace with each step I take through live I have the best friend walking through all the darkness and sorrow bringing light to my path joy and laughter to share, which strengthens not only myself but others who walk this path too . I have learned over time it is not shameful to enjoy life and all the blessings it brings. It is not wrong to be happy in the midst of your greatest pain or loss for the Lord gives us the intrinsic capacity to continue as He fills the emptiness and heals our pain of loss and heartache for without Him life everyday life would be a challenge in the midst of our my darkest hour.

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