On the road again!

Yes! It’s time for the best bit of research. Field Trips! Tomorrow I’m off to Kingaroy, a small town about three hours drive north-west of Brisbane – once home to Queensland’s very own despot, Joh. It promises to be an exciting adventure, meeting up with some very important people to help put all the bits and pieces of archive and internet research I’ve been doing for the Dear Madman project into perspective. I’ve done some detective work and found a very far removed descendant of my great aunt’s murderer who is willing to have a chat about the impact this tragedy has had on his family line over the generations.
He had no idea of the crime until I told him. Now that was some phone call.

So I’ve booked into an old-fashioned hotel for the night and will head out tomorrow. I’m very excited, but a little bit scared too.
Wish me luck.
Lots of love,
Edwina xx

3 thoughts on “FIELD TRIP!

  1. Ooh, I’m excited for you too! I hope you dig up all kinds of buried secrets.
    Are you going to have a counter meal at the pub? Will there be men in boots there giving you curious sidelong glances? (I have the whole scenario happening in my head already!)
    I bet it really stimulates and invigorates your writing, no matter how much information you do or don’t get from it, just because it will be such a new and interesting thing to do. Have a great time! xo Fiona

  2. Wonderful, Edwina, and good luck! I just got back from a ‘research’ trip to Rottnest Island, but it was for scene setting rather than fact finding – I hope you get some answers.


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