Media Tart
Media Tart

I’ve learnt this week that to get anywhere with press releases you really need to ring. I’ve just had my first ever media photos taken by Brad from City South News who has promised to airbrush wrinkles and rub out double chins. OR ELSE! Charley Rico is writing the story.

On Sunday I’ve got two interviews with the wonderful 4ZZZ. And I’m looking forward to an interview with Phil Brown.
Only seven more sleeps till the Thrill Seekers launch! Friday 9th March Avid Reader. It’s going to be lots of fun.
Hope to see you there.
Promo coming soon. Watch this space.

3 thoughts on “MEDIA TART

  1. Thanks girls. Exciting yes. Nerve wracking also. I’m takign a retreat after all of this hoohah! Wish you could be there on the 9th Mon! So glad you will be Katherine. I’ve been practising my speech and reading. Keep crying when I do it! Love to you both, Ed

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