Thrill Seekers

Thrill Seekers

I’ve been on a steep learning curve the past couple of months, figuring out how to do my own distribution and marketing. Luckily I’ve had some invaluable advice and practical assistance from the wonderful Megan Hills from  Wordmix. She’s really helped me pull together what looks like being a fabulous launch at Avid Reader on Friday the ninth of March. I hope to see you there.

Because my publisher Ransom is small and based in the UK they don’t yet have a distributor for Australia, so I’ve had to find bookshops willing to stock Thrill Seekers on my own – so far nine fabulous stores are stocking it, including three interstate. And for the past few weeks I’ve been sending out press releases trying to garner media attention to get some momentum behind my book. It’s a bit like scattering seeds onto a field and hoping that there’ll be sufficient rain and sunshine to make them sprout. The next step is interesting libraries and schools in stocking it as well.

There hardly seems time enough in one day. I jsut learnt a new saying that helps, so that I’m not lying awake in the middle of the night planning media releases.

All I can do, is all I can do. And all I can do is enough. 

My own writing practice is languishing. I miss it! Some days, when I’m tired of scattering seeds, I treat myself by working a little on my Cambodian ms. Ah, the relief is heavenly.

I didn’t think I was signing up for all of this when I decided to dedicate myself to writing, but it seems that in 2012, writers are not just creative artists, we are also business people!

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