I’m excited. Griffith REVIEW has just asked me to read from my story “The Raft” at their Christmas party. That’s on the 10th of December, so if you’re in Brisbane, please come along to Avid Reader book shop in West End on the night. I’d love to see you.
“The Raft” is in the latest issue of Griffith REVIEW. It’s their summer fiction special which has lots of famous writers including Frank Moorhouse, Kate Grenville, Nikki Gemmel, Rodney Hall, Will Elliot, Krissy Kneen, many others, and me! It’s a great read. I’m really enjoying dipping into it at bedtime. Love the photo essay too.
“The Raft” is an excerpt from Thrill Seekers which WILL be out in the new year, even if I have to fly over to England and print it out myself!


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