Feeling very inadequate as a blogger, after seeing this funny, educational and entertaining post

It must’ve taken her days! When –  I stop work, the children have left home, I don’t have a yoga practice and daily walks to keep up, family and friends to communicate with, a house to clean and meals to cook, and don’t want to use every other minute for my actual writing projects – then you can expect the same from me! Until then, just click on the link.

Have a great day one and all.

2 thoughts on “BLOG ENVY

    • Hi dear Jonathan,
      It always makes me happy to see your smiling face come up. Love that photo. Tom is home sick with ear infections in both ears. WHole family has flu. Mum is back from OS and in hyper mode. Just sent off teh latest draft of the Grief guide to SOphie Hamley at Cameron Cresswell – at her request!
      Hope your blog is going well. I liked your doggie poem by the way too, even though I’m not at all a dog person. I like birds – in the wild! And people.
      Lots of love and a hug to you my one loyal blog reader and deaqr uncle,

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