I’ve just broken the record (well my own personal best) for fastest acceptance of a story. YES! Last week my friend Fave told me that Asia Literary Review  seemed to publish stories similar to mine. So on Thursday I sent off “Broken” – a short piece about a Dalit boy. Finally got to my emails again yesterday afternoon and there were three from ALR accepting Broken for publication and wanting it as the opener for their December issue. YAY! Talked with Tim Cribb, one of their editors last night, all the way from Hong Kong. They are an excellent quality, international journal and I am pleased as punch (whatever that actually means).



  1. shawjonathan says:

    Fabulous news! maybe there’s a Hong Kong puboishing house just with a Bittersweet shaped hole in their schedule.

  2. edwinashaw says:

    Thanks Jonathan. I was thinking along the same lines. ALR are doing a Mekong themed issue next year so I’ll submit an excerpt from Bittersweet for that.
    What are you writing today?

  3. shawjonathan says:

    As a matter of fact I am. I have a new regime of sitting at my desk for the morning doing writing-connected things (research / notes / revision). So why am I looking at your blog? Because I’m having trouble sticking to the plan.

  4. edwinashaw says:

    Thansk for looking at my blog anyway Jonathan. THough we could just email each other! Dont’ do research, notes, revision. That’s boring. Write something new! Then you won’t look at blogs!
    Asia Lit Review have asked to look at the synopsis of Bittersweet.
    Cross fingers.
    Love to you

  5. Megan Hills says:

    Well done, Edwina! You internationally-published writer, you 🙂

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