Plenty is my word for the day. Plenty as in plentiful, prosperous, abundant! You can use it too if you like. I hope it brings you plenty of everything good.
Penguin liked the ms but they didn’t “fall in love” with it so it’s a no go with them. Luckily my skin is pretty thick after years of writing and rejection.
Beauty, as we know, is all in the eye of the beholder. So I just have to get my story in front of the right “beholder”. I’m trying for the Scribe CAL Prize next. Cross fingers.
Love to all.

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3 thoughts on “PLENTY

  1. helena says:

    Good luck with Scribe, Edwina!!! I’ll try ‘plenty’ as my word for the day / week / year too. Also, don’t forget Transit Press … they like a good travel yarn.

  2. shawjonathan says:

    Plenty of commiserations re Penguin. Stupid birds! (They didn’t accept Seven Seasons either.) Plenty of good wishes for Scribe.

  3. Megan Hills says:

    You deserve plenty of acceptances and monies! The beholder is out there – keep the faith. And good luck with Scribe.

    Sorry we won’t see you at writers group. Maybe November…


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