Plenty is my word for the day. Plenty as in plentiful, prosperous, abundant! You can use it too if you like. I hope it brings you plenty of everything good.
Penguin liked the ms but they didn’t “fall in love” with it so it’s a no go with them. Luckily my skin is pretty thick after years of writing and rejection.
Beauty, as we know, is all in the eye of the beholder. So I just have to get my story in front of the right “beholder”. I’m trying for the Scribe CAL Prize next. Cross fingers.
Love to all.

3 thoughts on “PLENTY

  1. Good luck with Scribe, Edwina!!! I’ll try ‘plenty’ as my word for the day / week / year too. Also, don’t forget Transit Press … they like a good travel yarn.

  2. Plenty of commiserations re Penguin. Stupid birds! (They didn’t accept Seven Seasons either.) Plenty of good wishes for Scribe.

  3. You deserve plenty of acceptances and monies! The beholder is out there – keep the faith. And good luck with Scribe.

    Sorry we won’t see you at writers group. Maybe November…


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