TARA, Goddess of poetry and prose

Tantric wisdom goddess of poetry and prose

Tantric wisdom goddess of poetry and prose


“The ruling lady of speech, like a wish-fulfilling vine around your devotee,

You who grant all the accomplishment of all goals,

Everywhere adorned with all naturally perfect prose and poetry,

You who grant realisation… “(verses in praise of Tara, Tarashtakam)


Tara is the Tantric wisdom goddess for writers. She is the destroyer of all obstacles, taking her devotee easily across any difficult situation. Don’t we all need a goddess like that? She is the muse who guides us along the creative path. One who is devoted to Tara, it is said, can never be defeated in debate or in the display of literary talents!  (Tantric Yoga and the Wisdom Goddesses by Dr. David Frawley)

Om is her mantra.


(we need all the help we can get!) 


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