creative writing workshop

typewriter A cute picture I found while creating a flyer for a creative wrokshop I’m planning for brisbane

Sometimes writing can be a real balancing act. Especially on school holidays!

Only four more sleeps till I have my writing time and space back.

Can anyone out there manage to get anything done while the kids are home? My friend Helena has been getting up at four in the morning, in winter, in the dark, in Armidale (bloody freezing!) just to get some writing done.

She’s a woman of steel and I like my bed too much. Instead I make long elaborate plans in my head and start sketching out things I will write when the holidays are over. Sometimes it works but sometimes I just get grouchy with a head full of writing that needs to get out.

One thought on “creative writing workshop

  1. Hey Edwina,
    If you don’t have time for writing then how come you’re spending so much time fiddling with your blog??

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