7 thoughts on “SHORT STORY MARKET

      • I thought it was supposed to be the young instructing the old on things like this! In your WordPress Dashboard, click on “Your Profile” under the heading “Users” in the left column. In the window that opens, up on the right hand side, there’s a heading “My Gravatar” (Gravatar is one of those portmanteau words beloved of the Internet, from something like “global avatar”, and “avatar” is one of those hijacked words teh internet also loves, reducd too meaning the image that someone uses to represent themselves on the web or elsewhere).
        If you click on the “Change your gravatar” link, WordPress will walk you through the process, and voilà, the image you choose will appear next to your comments, and also as a favicon (as in favourite icon) next to teh address bar of your site.

  1. Thanks Edwina,
    Sounds like a great opportunity. I wonder what they mean by anyone with a desire to complete a collection … do you think they mean sometime over the next couple of years? Hmmm… might go and look them up.
    Love checking this site – keeps me in touch with all the good news of the writing world!

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