I’ve just started a new page “Stories” where I’ll post pieces of my writing. Hopefully an excerpt from Thrill Seekers in the near future.

The first is “Harry“. I wrote it in 2001, my first attempt at writing a full length piece of something. I didn’t know quite what. Like most of my writing it’s a mix of memoir and fiction, mostly memoir in this case. It was part of the original collection of stories that Thrill Seekers was born from.

I still haven’t found “Harry”. His real name was David Maher. If anyone has seen or heard from him please let me know.

Though I think that if he was still around he’d have turned up by now. Perhaps you can trust priests after all.

If all that seems a bit cryptic it will make more sense after reading the story. 

 I’ve tried to make it so you can click on the links above but if that doesn’t work just go to the menu on the left and click on STORIES.

Hope you like it.