Pre-menstrual and pre-published

This is not a good combination. Still waiting on my edit and for Sophie to read my mss, watching others leapfrog me. Console myself with the thought that there is some greater purpose at work, but I’m buggered if I know what it could be. Yep, one of those bitter and twisted kind of days.
On the upside I’m looking forward to teaching creative writing on the weekend. There are only a few spots left so hurry if you’d like to spend a fun morning writing and learning a few tricks of the trade.

Click to access creativewriting1.pdf


Just heard from my prospective agent, Sophie Hamley at Cameron Cresswell Literary agency, that her reader LOVES “Bittersweet”  my sexy Cambodian novel. YAY! It is now moving up her list of priorities. Everyone cross fingers she likes it just as much as her reader and finds a publisher with equal enthusiasm.

Also exciting is that tickets to my creative workshop are now for sale at with the new half-day

format at 

Only $50 for a half day workshop. It’s a bargain. Lots of other interesting classes coming up too. I’d like to have a go at singing, and maybe dancing too. Embarrass my children as much as possible!