Baubo – Goddess of Bellies and bawdy jokes/ or what’s under your skirt?



Have just discovered Baubo, a goddess after my own heart.

Most of us have heard of the Greek myth of the earth goddess, Demeter who travelled to the underworld to rescue her daughter Perspephone. but who’s every heard the Baubo part of the story?

Apparently, as she  roamed the world lost in grief for the loss of her daughter, Demeter met Baubo. Baubo danced, wobbling her glorious belly and making bawdy jokes, then lifted her skirt to flash her vulva.  She was so funny, Demeter belly-laughed and was shaken out of her grief.  Through Baubo’s dance of joy Demeter regained her centre and was able to find the strength and courage she needed to descend into the underworld and rescue Persephone.

Why didn’t we ever hear this part of the story? More power to Baubo. May our bellies wobble free and unfettered. May we laugh loud and deep. And long may our vulvas flourish.

I love her because she’s soft and round like me, a crone like me, and most of all because she was able to help Demeter with her grief, as I’m hoping to do with my grief guide.

Speaking of which I’d better stop fooling around with this and start actually doing some work today.

Love to all.