Loneliness in Waitrose

Lovely 🙂 Say hello to someone today. Listen.

Fabulous Oldies

My wife called me and asked me to pop into Waitrose to get some organic food. As I was leaving, I walked into the wonderful new cafe area. I noticed someone dressed very smart. He was a fabulous gentleman dressed immaculately with a tie and a checkered blazer. He had a small white moustache and nicely combed hair. He looked like a very famous British TV personality from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s – Alan Whicker.


I thought, how nice to see a gentleman looking so dapper, and continued walking out to my car.

As I sat in my Victor the Volvo, I could not get this man out of my mind. Who was this man, sitting there all alone? I had to go back. So, I went back to the cafe, bought a coffee and a posh orange cake.

He was still sitting there alone, just contemplating. I had to…

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