Geraldine Brooks

On Wednesday night I went with my friends to see Geraldine Brooks, acclaimed expatriate Australian author of Year of Wonders, March, People of the Book and most recently Caleb’s Crossing. Most interesting was the way she talked about her writing process: doing the research and reading first person accounts until a “Voice” came to her that narrated the story. She didn’t work with any strict plot outline – only the skeleton of historical fact (actually, she said if too much was known about a character or period it stopped her writing about it). Using this skeleton she then worked with the “Voice”who created the details of the plot as the story evolved. Geraldine acknowledged that she knew this voice came from inside herself but still, it’s a common feeling among writers that the characters themselves are writing the story. It’s one of the many delights of the writing game.

By the way, I’ve reopened betting on when Thrill Seekers will actually arrive (being impatient I voted for 2nd August) so if you’d like to be in the running to win a free copy, go to the Thrill Seekers – Wanna Make a Bet page above and make a guestimate.

Interviews coming soon. I’ve got to get through a pile of students’ short stories first.

Love to all,

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