I’ve just finished reading a wonderful book,  Writing Begins with the Breath by American writer and yogini Laraine Herring

It’s filled with practical advice and useful exercises for helping you delve deeper into your writing practice – how to write from your heart rather than the analytical mind.

One of my favourite quotes from the book is “to write what we are given to write, we must disappear.” Love it! Not only must we get out of the way, we’ve got to dissolve completely.

Reading Laraine’s book was like discovering a new wise friend who knew the bumps and hollows of the writing journey well.  I’ll finish with an excerpt from her  epilogue.


Build your foundation by reading, writing, engaging with other writers, and revising.


Stretch yourself. Submit your work. When it comes back, look at it again. See what you can do to make it better, stronger, more precise and aligned. Send it out again. When it comes back, look at it again. Continue on.


Return often to your foundation. It’s easy to lose sight of the basics if you are reaching too far forward. You’ll topple over without grounding yourself.


Stretch. Collapse. Stretch. Collapse. Stretch.

Remain steady.


Love to all,

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