boys on a raft

the raft by Jonathan Bentley


This is the illustration that accompanied the excerpt of my story, “The Raft”, itself an excerpt from my forthcoming novella Thrill Seekers. It appeared in THE COURIER MAIL in early January this year.

It was drawn by the talented Jonathan Bentley. Keep an eye out for his work. I love this drawing and now have it printed out and hanging on my wall near my desk because it captures perfectly the image I had in my head while I was writing. You know your writing is working well when an artist reads your work and comes up with an image so close to the one you envisioned. Thank you Jonathan!

You can read the whole story online at

Thanks Griffith REVIEW!

Almost at the halfway mark with the novel now. Surprised myself by doing a new personal best word count today 3 233 words! YIPPEE! The story’s getting so exciting I don’t want to stop writing, even when I know I have to pick up the kids.

Hope you all had good writing days too.

Keep writing!



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