Back from retreat and ready to make a new start. Time to move on from angst about Thrill Seekers ever coming out (in my lifetime anyway) and make this blog more useful to those who read it by sharing hints and tips to nurture the writer’s spirit. Writing is a joy in itself but the path to being a recognised, published (and paid) author is long and often holds many challenges.

In the words of a song I heard once on Sesame Street, “It’s a long hard road, But I’m gonna make it. It’s a long hard road, but I’m gonna try. It’s a long hard road but I’m gonna get there. I’m heading for the morning sun!”

Keep focused on the work itself. Sit down every day and do your best. Feel the joy of creative expression, enter that zone where everything else fades except the words on the screen or page and the characters in your head. Become one with your story and let it do all the work. Then sit back and trust that the very same source your ideas came from will find the right beholder/publisher/readers.


As one of my all time favourite writers, D. H. Lawrence said,

 “The creative, spontaneous soul sends forth its promptings of desire and aspiration in us. These promptings are our true fate, which is our business to fulfill.”

So if, like me, the urge to write is strong in you, you get grumpy if you don’t write every day and depressed at the thought of ever stopping, then there’s your answer. Writing is not just a career. (All this hard work for, most of the time, very little return, you’ve got to be kidding!)

It’s a calling.

So, what are you waiting for? Write something!

Lots of love,


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