I was just on the verge of being bitter and twisted (again!) when I heard back from Ben Ball and he would be “delighted” to read Bittersweet.
I’ve forwarded his email to my prospective agent and hope this will finally move my ms from mid-slushpile to the very top!

Cross fingers everyone. I have nervous butterflies and he hasn’t even got the ms yet.

Love to all,

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6 thoughts on “OH HAPPY DAY!

  1. Jonathan says:

    Great news! Bonne chance!

  2. edwinashaw says:

    Hope you’re having a great time Jonathan. The ms has been given a final spit and polish and has been sent express post (by me!) to the man himself. He even said he was excited by the thought of reading it. He is, however, away for a few days, but will get to it when he is back in the office.
    HAve a great French holdiay. PAula is off next. She leaves on the 19th

  3. Jonathan says:

    Having an editor excited to read your MS is great news. Now if only the marketing division were excited you could start counting the royalties.

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