Just heard from my prospective agent, Sophie Hamley at Cameron Cresswell Literary agency, that her reader LOVES “Bittersweet”  my sexy Cambodian novel. YAY! It is now moving up her list of priorities. Everyone cross fingers she likes it just as much as her reader and finds a publisher with equal enthusiasm.

Also exciting is that tickets to my creative workshop are now for sale at http://creativewriting.eventbrite.com/?ref=ebtn with the new half-day

format at http://www.brisbanewoman.com/brisbanewoman/CreativeWriting.pdf 

Only $50 for a half day workshop. It’s a bargain. Lots of other interesting classes coming up too. I’d like to have a go at singing, and maybe dancing too. Embarrass my children as much as possible!


  1. Congratulations – Bitersweet is a great title. Miht I say that whenever I hear discussions of Pol Pot onteh radio — and there seem to be a lot recently, I think of your fabulous description of those silent men in black walking into the city. I do want to see that out theere as a book. Incidentally, I hope you don’t waste time surfing the blogosphere, but you might enjoy a recent post on Editorial Anonymous: http://editorialanonymous.blogspot.com/2009/07/publishometer-how-to-tell-whether.html

    • Glad you like the title Jonathan. MArion doesn’t like it at all and wants me to change it to “women are Cloth” but Bittersweet still tops my list even if it is becoming a little cliched.
      I have a little time to waste now, kids are with Dad at Harry Potter, so will check out your link.
      Thanks for being a conscientious comment writer!

  2. I like Bitter Sweet too. It is short and catchy and encapsulates the different aspects of the book (the chapters I had the priveledge to read and comment on).

    I shall keep my fingers crossed for you. The big full moon eclipse is coming up next week in Leo … good time to be casting wishes out into the Universe. Leo is about creativity.

    And on the topic of dancing and singing – I would love to go with you to one or both of those. I’ll make sure I put a link up onto Facebook to advertise your workshop too. I think I know a beautiful young lady who could be easily talked into attending.

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