Edwina Shaw grew up in Joh Bjelke Petersen’s Brisbane but escaped to live in Kings Cross in Sydney, Singapore, Germany and Cambodia. She’s now living happily back in Queensland under Australia’s first female premier.

Edwina Shaw’s Young Adult novella, Thrill Seekers, is being released through Ransom Publishing UK  as part of their gritty “Cutting Edge” series. It is based on her experiences growing up, and her younger brother’s schizophrenia that he developed as a consequence of too much partying, much too young. She wrote Thrill Seekers as a testament to his life and as a warning to those heading in the same direction.


Her adult novel, “Bittersweet”, influenced by her experiences living and working in Cambodia in the mid nineties, is currently under consideration by Cameron Cresswell Literary Agency. She holds a Masters degree in Philosophy (Creative Writing) from the University of QLD where she also worked teaching narrative. She has had several short pieces published in Australian literary journals, Griffith REVIEW, Island, Hecate and Idiom 23. In 2008 she was awarded the Griffith REVIEW’sFrank Moorehouse mentorship for most promising new writer. She has presented her work at a number of literary events. Her current project is a self-help title, “A Little Guide to Grief- First Aid for your Heart and Soul, Practical Tools to Help Cope with Loss”.


Edwina has a background in education: from teaching in a maximum security Juvenile Justice Centre to establishing a private language school in Cambodia. Since returning to Australia and having a family she has taught English as a second language to refugees and currently works as a yoga teacher for adults and high school students.

The worst job she ever had was selling dagwood dogs in Sideshow Alley at the Ekka, closely contested by her long stint as a house cleaner.

She will run “Moving Through Grief with Yoga” workshops later this year. She welcomes the opportunity to speak to young people and adults about expressing themselves in writing, ways to safely move through loss, and the very real risks of partying too hard.

If you would like Edwina to present a workshop or do a reading please contact Show and Tell.com.au

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