the fool

Yes, like the fool I’m about to head off on grand adventures, butterflies fluttering around my head and a precipice beyond. Not really. But the next week is pretty crazy!

On Wednesday, 10 October,  I’m honoured to be a part of UNLEASH THE BEAST – Writing and Wellness Symposium in Toowoomba as a part of World  Mental Health Day celebrations. This year’s theme is the mental health of young people – a topic which is dear to my heart because of my brother’s battle with adolescent onset schizophrenia, which I wrote about in Thrill Seekers. I’ll be facilitating a workshop on Writing for Trauma in the morning, and in the afternoon I’m on a panel moderated by the fabulous Mandy Nolan about Early Intervention Strategies for Young People. Tickets for both are available HERE.

unleash the beast headshot

Then it will be a speedy drive back down from the range to Brisbane where I’m doing a reading at my fabulous local independent bookseller and community institution Avid Reader


I’ll be reading an excerpt from my story Cloudland to help launch Within/Without These Walls by AndAlso Books – an anthology of  short pieces, both fiction and non-fiction, about Brisbane landmarks. Cloudland was a Brisbane icon where many parents and grandparents courted and kissed, but my story is about it’s end days, one of the last concerts it hosted before it was demolished in the middle of the night by the infamous Dean Brothers. It’s a FREE event but you need to register HERE.

WWTW front cover design

The following day I’m off to Calamvale Community College for a full day of workshops with keen high-school writers. Then on the weekend, I’m flying up to Ayr in North Queensland for the Burdekin Readers and Writers Festival

I’m very excited to be travelling north as my father’s family lived in Innisfail for generations and I spent a lot of time among the cane fields in my childhood.



I’ll be facilitating a memoir workshop and moderating a panel of local authors discussing their pathways to publication and beyond. The workshop is FREE if you’re near enough to Ayr to come along 🙂 Book in to both events HERE

As soon as I’m home, I’m off again – this time to Gympie as judge of their annual Literary Awards. as part of the Rush Festival. I was truly impressed by the depth of talent I found reading the stories and poetry,  and I’m looking forward to seeing the joy on the lucky, and skillful, writers faces when the winners are announced. I’m also running a memoir workshop while I’m there, but it’s at capacity I’m afraid.

Then I’ll have a day at home to pack before I fly out to the UK for a trip to finally walk on the earth of my ancestors, and to visit my UK publishers RANSOM who are releasing a new imprint of Thrill Seekers later this year. More on that later!

Phew! Hope I haven’t exhausted you just reading about it all. I’m looking forward to seeing some of you at the events.

It’s a busy but wonderful life. See you on the other side!

With lots of love,

Edwina xx



We writers need as much of this as we can get. Us senstivie artistic types have to somehow develop a skin thick enough to withstand the multiple rejections and endless waiting of the writing life.

Had a little gift of hope from the writing gods yesterday in the form of a surprise email from Ben Ball, publisher at Penguin Australia. He thought I’d rung (I hadn’t) and told me to call again today so we could talk. Did, he’s out, but still… I’ve sent an email asking if perhaps he’d be interested in reading the Cambodian novel ms, “Bittersweet”.

He’s a great guy. I was lucky enough to have an editorial consultancy with him on Thrill Seekers and he tried very hard to get it over the line at Penguin but it was short stories then and “not literary” enough. In contrast to “Bittersweet” being “too literary” for Hachette. Hmmm.

Hopefully I’ll find just the right balance with the next one.

Hope is important I’ve decided. Even false hope. That dream of one day being a best-selling author, may not come true, but it’s a lovely way to spend day-dreaming time. Beisdes, JK Rowling had that same dream. So did Ernie Hemingway, so did Margaret Atwood.

I have to hope that if I only persist and perist and persist, all the practice I’m getting in that time will make my work so good it’s irresistible!

Love and HOPE to all