Cross your fingers but don’t hold your breath

boy turns blue holding breath
don’t hold your breath

One thing I’ve learnt over the last eight years of writing, and submitting what I’ve written to publishers, is not to hold my breath while waiting for a reply.

Publishing houses are extremely busy places and though our manuscripts are our precious, darling children and “‘works of genius” that should be read immediately before we pull out all our hair; the reality is that even requested materials are put into a huge pile and set to one side while the real business of getting already contracted books ready for publication is done. Editors read through the pile mostly in their FREE time, on the bus, on weekends, late at night. Which begs the question – do these poor buggers ever get to read a book they really like?
Meantime, we writers sit at home, checking emails as if we have obssessive compulsive disorder, jumping whenever the phone rings, nerves churning in our bellies, full of hope and doubt, grandiose fantasies of super best selling stardom and thoughts of throwing in the towel.
For me, the best cure for “Waiting to Hear” angst is to get stuck into the next project (which is maybe why I have quite a pile of manuscripts to send out!).
Fave suggests sending several different pieces out at once, so you’re not just focussed on one. W’hatever you do, stay busy.
Be hopeful. Dream big. But know that whichever way the penny eventually falls you’re going to be okay. The world doesn’t crumble into a heap with a rejection. Keep redrafting and searching for the perfect beholder of your work.In this business, everything takes a lot of time. Be patient.
Keep your fingers crossed. Just don’t hold your breath.
Write like furies everyone!


Here’s my Christmas wishes for all of you,

Lakshmi, Hindu goddess of abundance, love and success



Wishing you the courage to pursue your dreams and the discipline and persistence to see them through, right till the end.

Wishing you beholders of your work who see the beauty and wonder in what you create.

Wishing you financial reward and recognition for your work.

Wishing you friends and fellow travellers on the writing path, who share disappointments and success with equal fervour.

Wishing you editors who understand what you’re trying to say and help you say it better,

Publishers who honour your vision and bring it to the widest possible audience.

Wishing you readers galore and letters of connection that move you to tears.

Wishing you the strength to endure the sting of rejection and the distraction of praise,

Patience, determination and the ability to get up and start all over again.

Wishing you all the time you need.

I wish you freedom from fear of the blank and empty page,

A peaceful silencing of the inner critic, and the death of all self-doubt.

I wish you a hide of leather and a heart of gold.

Most of all I wish you the joy of creation and the ability to stand aside and let the words find their own way.

I wish you characters who tell you their stories and speak for themselves.

I wish you plots that hold and won’t let go,

Scenes that fit and sentences that glow with perfection.

I wish you words;

An ocean of strong, expressive words pouring from your pen or onto the screen.

Words that sing the truth of this weird and wonderful human life.

Words of hope and despair, pain and pleasure,

Words that move others and help them know they are not alone,

That we’re all in this glorious mess together.

Words of wisdom and joy and love.

Words that only YOU can write.

Words that shine a light.

with love,