The Emerging Writer

The Emerging Writer

The annual Emerging Writers Festival held in Melbourne, has this year released a book.

The Emerging Writer  is full of helpful hints and tips for budding authors. It is written by writers for writers. The Emerging Writer is an insider’s guide to the craft, philosophy and politics of being a writer. Whether you’re facing your first blank page or negotiating a publishing contract, this book is full of indispensable advice for any emerging writer hoping to turn their seedling of an idea into a mighty tree.

You can buy a rare and exotic hard copy at the festival itself, or otherwise buy an e-book version. It will be money well spent. The story of Thrill Seekers journey to publication and the subsequent marketing, distribution and publicity hurdles that had to be jumped is included!

Would love to get along to the festival myself and visit Melbourne friends while I’m there, but alas, the juggling act of work, motherhood and writing still continues.