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I’m super excited to announce that Thrill Seekers has just been released as a new imprint through Raven Books UK. I love the new cover – it looks like a best seller!

Best of all is the fact that at last it is going into bookstores! YES!! When it was first released, I had to distribute it to bookstores myself and managed to have it stocked by a handful of wonderful independents, but now Thrill Seekers is going mainstream – and in time for Christmas!! WOW!

I may be just a little bit happy about this.

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I think I’m somewhere between the serene goddess and the camel.

So, if you’d like to buy a copy of Thrill Seekers for yourself, or someone else, for Christmas, it’s now available in all good bookstores throughout the UK and even here in Australia. Angus and Robertson have it reduced at the moment so go for it! See HERE for more information and to purchase.

Never give up on your book babies people. I fought to get Thrill Seekers published many years ago and I thought it had had its run.

But here it is with a second chance at life, going out into the world, not as a baby anymore but as a wild teen – like the characters it portrays. Go forth and conquer little book!


I’ll leave you with a quote from Brian, one of the main characters in Thrill Seekers

“Feeling ten feet tall with a chest as wide and strong as a bear’s, I roll with the movement of the boat. Salty water sprays my face and my cheeks stretch into a mighty grin.”

What second chances have you been given? Have any of your stories had a second chance at life? I’d love to hear from you.

Lots of love,

Edwina xx



Thrill Seekers

Thrill Seekers


When Ransom Publishing first sent me the cover image for Thrill Seekers I burst into tears. Not just because my book was finally coming to life but because the young man in the picture looked so much like my brother Matty, who was the inspiration for the character of Douggie. The expression on his face, his eyebrows, even the shirt he’s wearing.  An old friend who’d known Matty thought it WAS a photo of him. It was scary. I knew then that as a writer I’d done something right, that the person who had created or chosen this image had the same vision of Douggie that I did.

When starting to write Thrill Seekers I knew I wanted to have some sections from Matty’s perspective. But I was a middle-aged woman. How could I get inside the head of a young man with schizophrenia?

Luckily I had few old notebooks of Matty’s where he’d written some poetry and diary entires. I used his own words in the story “Douggie and the Paparazzi”.

 “And now I”m going to sing a happy song.”

Using Matty’s own words as inspiration, I found that once I started writing in first person, I soon found a voice other than my own coming through. Matty’s obsessions about his looks and stardom were easy and fun to write about. More difficult to witness, and to write, were his battles with deep despair when he wasn’t flying so high and realised his predicament as someone with a serious mental illness.

Writing Douggie’s stories helped me understand Matty better and also allowed me to share my soft-hearted, courageous brother with the world. Because he was brave, and funny, but mostly brave. In the face of a crippling illness he never gave up. I hope that his spirit of resilience shines through in the book.

The best part about writing Thrill Seekers was using the power of fiction to change the ending. In my story, Douggie, and through him Matty, lives on.


Matty at thirteen


Hi everyone. I’ve had the okay from Ransom to post a chapter from Thrill Seekers . I’ve chosen chapter two, “Voices”  as it best illustrates the themes of the whole novella. Simply click on on “Stories” under the menu heading and it should come up. It comes with an adults only rating. Hope you like it.

Other news is that Ransomhas been concentrating on generating sales for the series (a very good thing) so the schedule has been put back a bit (not such a good thing). If you want to make a new bet for November sometime you’re welcome. I’ve also heard from the agent who is looking at my Cambodian novel but she too is snowed under and hasn’t had time to read it as yet. Good news is she’s also interested in having a look at the Grief book.

Last day of school holidays so back to the grindstone – with joy! – tomorrow.