Heard from my publishers recently that Thrill Seekers now won’t be launched in Australia till after Christmas. Had to laugh. This now takes my wait to almost four years. Curiously I felt relieved. I’d been gearing up to do all the marketing- quite a foreign and challenging thought- when suddenly I was off the hook. Now I’ve got plenty of time to gather support, gird my loins and do lots of positive self talk about how easy it is to promote and sell my work, before the big day gets here.
Thanks to you all for your support and patience too. I really apprecaite it.


My latest fiction Ms is currently being considered by a wonderful agent at Cameron Creswell agency. Trouble is, though most publishers in Australia now won’t accept unsolicited manuscripts, there aren’t enough agents yet to keep up with the ever-growing number of new writers. The piles of reading on the desks of those much sought after few are becoming unconquerable mountains, which leaves us writers waiting and waiting for what feels like years. Is this business designed to teach patience and persistence?