Matters to a Head - cannabis, mental illness and recovery

Matters to a Head - cannabis, mental illness and recovery

Check out this great new book by New Zealand author Kate, who’s written about marijuana, psychosis and recovery. As a registered nurse who’s dealt with the fallout, she combines her own story with the science behind the growing epidemic of pot-induced psychosis.



Click here for an excellent documentary about the links between the heavy use of marijuana in adolescence and psychosis.

They should show this in schools. As the guy at the close says “Most things in life you get a second chance, but smoke too much dope when you’re too young and there’s no going back.”

As I’ve always said, there’s nothing cool about going crazy. Just a lot of pain.


Hi everyone. I’ve had the okay from Ransom to post a chapter from Thrill Seekers . I’ve chosen chapter two, “Voices”  as it best illustrates the themes of the whole novella. Simply click on on “Stories” under the menu heading and it should come up. It comes with an adults only rating. Hope you like it.

Other news is that Ransomhas been concentrating on generating sales for the series (a very good thing) so the schedule has been put back a bit (not such a good thing). If you want to make a new bet for November sometime you’re welcome. I’ve also heard from the agent who is looking at my Cambodian novel but she too is snowed under and hasn’t had time to read it as yet. Good news is she’s also interested in having a look at the Grief book.

Last day of school holidays so back to the grindstone – with joy! – tomorrow.