Oh yeah! It was when my lovely friend, and fellow yoga and writing retreat facilitator, Kerstin Pilz (see our Let’s Talk Writing episodes HERE) showed me this photo that I started to get very, VERY excited! I could see myself on that verandah, sitting on that bamboo daybed with my journal, the music of the stream washing away all the stress of the year, as I wrote freely and joyfully with a huge grin on my face. Oh yeah!

Can you feel it too? Is a retreat far from the busyness and bustle calling you? Is your creative spirit crying out for some loving care? Is it time to put yourself and your writing at the top of your priority list for once?

Do you deserve a really special treat, just for you? You know you do!

This retreat is super special : five nights, six days in the heart of rural Bali, staying at the amazing Bali Eco Stay resort with two excellent :), experienced, creative writing facilitators, published authors, and yoga teachers, gently guiding you back to full health and happiness, and rejuvenating your creative powers! Or you could just dream the day away on your daybed if you like! Beautiful open air bungalows and yoga shala with all equipment provided.

All fresh organic vegetarian meals, airport transfers, special guided tour, cultural activities, complimentary massage and tarot reading, chakra cleansing, one on one session with a facilitator, 6 writing workshops, 5 morning yoga sessions, 4 restorative yoga breathing classes, and your beautiful bungalow accomodation is included! It will be heavenly!

Blissful Bali Writing Retreat

With Kerstin Pilz PhD and Edwina Shaw

Unleash your wild mind and heart

& write your life back into balance

So why don’t you join us at our Blissful Bali Writing Retreat and set your stories free!? 

Get your stories out of your head and onto the page and feel the joy of creating beauty of your own in the peace and tranquility of Bali. Whether you have an established writing practice or have always wanted to write but never had the time, this retreat is for anybody in need of some quality nurturing of their creative spirit.

Every day begins with gentle yoga, followed by breakfast and an inspiring writing workshop to get those creative juices flowing. The afternoons are free for your own adventures and explorations, naps, or 1:1 sessions with Kerstin & Edwina, a complimentary massage and tarot reading, and a guided writing group for those who like to write in company. At the end of the day, we come together again for some gentle yoga breathing exercises to help clear your mind and revitalise your energy. Every evening we share incredible dinners and relax with conversation and readings.

All activities are optional.

This is your retreat. Our aim is to nurture your body, mind, and creative spirit so you leave feeling renewed, both as a writer and as a human being, with a whole lot of new writing; and bright, exciting ideas and refreshed energy to take home with you.

See HERE for more information. Come along and join in the Bliss of this once in a lifetime experience!

Not flash with cash right now? A $450 deposit will secure your place and you have until April to pay it off – payment plans available. Or save up for Bali in 2024 as I’m sure this will become an annual event.

Want something more affordable and closer to home? Check out my popular, lower-priced weekend retreats HERE.

Oh gosh I hope you can come. Check it out here and dream a little! You can make it happen if you really want it!

Lots of love

Edwina xx

Let’s Talk Writing – Where do Story Ideas come from?

I’m thrilled to announce that I’ve started my very own PODCAST! My lovely friend and fellow retreat facilitator Kerstin Pilz and I have joined forces to create a series of discussions about topics dear to our hearts – Let’s Talk Writing!

When I was travelling and working in Far North Queensland recently we recorded a number of sessions at ARTS NEXUS recording studio in beautiful Babinda – Madanji country, near where my father’s family had their cane farm in Innisfail.

Kerstin pretending to be short 🙂

In OUR FIRST EPISODE we discuss where story ideas come from.

Where can you find story ideas? What ideas are worth pursuing? Too many ideas? How can you narrow it down to just one to write about? In this episode of Let’s Talk Writing, Kerstin and I discuss where story ideas come from and how to make compelling stories from them.

So where do you get your story ideas? Some people dream them, others have a flash of inspiration or a sentence that comes fully formed. Others write from their own lives, or the lives of others. Some find story characters tapping them on their shoulders demanding to be heard.

What about you? Where do you get your story ideas? And what do we do if they seem to dry up?

Here are some images to use as prompts.

I find that even when I think I’ve got nothing to say, once I start writing the pen has its own wisdom. If we can only step aside and let the creative force that flows through all things flow through us, the words will come.

Give it a try 🙂 Pick one of the above images, put your timer on for 5 minutes and write like the wind! Don’t think, just write!

How did you go? I’d love to know. If you’re happy with how it turned out please post your piece in the comments.

Enjoy listening to our very first episode of Let’s Talk Writing!

With lots of love

Edwina xx