Sunrise, Mission Beach FNQ

Do you have stories that demand to be told? Recurring memories that won’t let you go, no matter how hard you try to forget? A whole lengthy catalogue of repeating traumatic memories that won’t let you rest? Get those stories out of your head and onto the page and you’ll begin a miraculous journey of healing.

Believe me. I’ve been there. My first book Thrill Seekers is made up of the memories that wouldn’t let me be, transformed into fiction. The process of doing this taught me many things about how we can use writing to transform the stories we tell ourselves. The act of creating a work of beauty from the pain we endure is a great healing act.

I am passionate about the power of story to heal the emotional wounds and scars we carry. For many years now I’ve worked with people who have suffered unbearable trauma, helping them to express their truths and find their voices. So much healing comes from telling our stories and having these stories heard, acknowledged and believed. Watch the session HERE.

Kerstin and I in the Arts Nexus recording studio in Babinda.

While I was working in Far North Queensland recently, my dear friend and fellow writing teacher and retreat facilitator, Kerstin Pilz, and I recorded a session for the Cairns Tropical Writers Festival’s year round program on Writing for Healing . Join us for this fascinating discussion on how we have both used writing as a powerful tool for helping us to clear grief and traumatic loss and moved forward in our lives.

Kerstin and I at the Babinda Boulders – in the heart of Wanyurr Majay. Madanji country

Whether you are interested in beginning to tell your own stories or if you work with people who need to have their stories heard, this discussion will help you make a start and find new ways of using writing for healing.

Be brave! For many years I was too afraid to begin unearthing my stories, thinking I’d fall apart and never be able to put myself back together again. But the opposite happened. Yes, there were tears, many many tears, but this is how we wash our wounds clean – with tears and telling. But I didn’t fall apart, I started to come back together again.

Find your voice. Tell your stories. Healing is within your own power.

With lots of love,

Edwina xx

A new dawn is on its way.

Remember if you need a hand to hold and some words to comfort and uplift you when going through grief and loss my Guide Through Grief is available now in all good bookstores.

TOUR OF FAR North Queensland



Leaving tomorrow for my grand adventure traveling though far North Queensland running Healing Power of Story workshops for the fabulous Queensland Writers Centre.

Telling our Stories to the WORLD! I am passionate about Queensland writers and Queensland stories and looking forward to meeting many new writers in the far flung reaches of our enormous and beautiful state.

My father’s family were early settlers in Innisfail and I spent many happy days running wild on the family cane farm and exploring the glorious tropical beaches and freezing cold waterfalls. I love it up there. I’ve travelled far and wide trying to find beauty that equals it. Happy to report – I never have.


Townsville Arts Hub 20 June – Writing Your Way Into a Story – This is a special all day workshop for the Townsville Writers and Publishers society. from $55 for a full day workshop covering all elements of narrative.


HEALING POWER OF STORY WORKSHOPS AS FOLLOWS – Contact the local councils for more info and to book in.

Cairns Cairns Public Library 3 July – Contact Cairns Tropical Writers Festival for more info and to book – FREE!

Port Douglas/Mossman – Mossman Library 4 July FREE!

Atherton – Hallorans Hill Conservations Park 6 July. FREE!

Innisfail (my old home town 🙂 ) – Innisfail Regional Library 7 July. FREE!

Georgetown Shire Hall 9 July FREE!

Normanton Normanton Shire Hall 11 July FREE!

Karumba Karumba Civic Centre 12 July FREE!

Cloncurry Cloncurry Community Precinct 16 July FREE!

Mt. Isa Mt Isa Library – 17 July FREE!

Julia Creek Julia Creek Smart Hub 19 July FREE!

Richmond Richmond Library 20 July FREE!

Hughenden Flinders Shire Public Library 22 July FREE!

Charters Towers Charters Towers Excelsior Library 23 July FREE!

Townsville (back to where we started from 🙂 )Aitkenvale Library 25 July FREE!

PHEW! Please do spread the word to friends and family in these locations – even non writers will have fun. I LOVE FREE THINGS!

Oh yes, I’ll be doing some yoga in beautiful places along the way 🙂

And so off I go! Flying out tomorrow. Wish me luck.

Lots of love

Edwina xxx