Grief is like births in many ways. The first is usually the hardest.

By the time I’d lost the third member of my immediate family, I knew what to expect. It didn’t make the pain any less, or the process any easier.

I learnt a lot though. Everything I’ve learnt about grief, how it works and how you can help yourself feel even a little bit better, I’ve put into my book – A Guide Through Grief – First Aid for Your Heart and Soul.

A few years ago I had a piece from it published through UPLIFT CONNECT.

The Gifts of Grief. You can read it HERE

Because grief is a gift. A terrible, awful gift we are all given at some point in our lives.

I hope my stories bring you comfort.

If you live in Brisbane come along to my MOVING THROUGH GRIEF workshop this Sunday 22 November at the Relaxation Centre in Alderley. Only $25! 

Whether you’re grieving the loss of a person, a dog, a job, a marriage, or if you’re just struggling to stay afloat during this crazy mess of a year, this workshop will help.

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A Guide Through Grief

Are you struggling with the loss of someone or something that you’ve lost? As the whole world reels from too much combined grief, I’ve released my Guide Through Grief to help us all to heal.

Easy to read, and filled with practical activities and comfort, I wrote this book after the death of my infant son to share everything I’d learned about moving through grief.

For several years now, I’ve been working with Forgotten Australians and other traumatised groups and have put the tools I describe in this book into action. I was thrilled to experience how these tools have worked to help people rediscover joy, even in the midst of darkness. I know they’ll help you too.

A Guide Through Grief

First Aid for Your Heart and Soul. Practical tools, creative activities and yoga exercises to help you move through the pain of loss. PRICE INCLUDES POSTAGE WITHIN AUSTRALIA


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