Well, the year is certainly starting with some good omens writing-wise. My story “Broken” is available online at http://www.asialiteraryreview.com/web/article/en/132>. Thanks to Chris and Tim at Asia Literary Review, a quality publication with fascinating stories, essays,  poetry and reportage from our side of the world. Also exciting is the news that an excerpt from my story” The Raft” (itself an excerpt from my forthcoming novella Thrill Seekers) is going to be published in the QLD newspaper The Courier Mail tomorrow. This feels like a huge milestone for me. Some recognition in my home town. Thanks to Erica and Julianne at Griffith REVIEW for making it possible and helping me achieve a long held goal. Seems like my new year tree is flowering already. Thanks to you all for your ongoing support.

Lots of love,



No, not from Ransom. Yet. This was a very thorough and vigorous go through of my “Broken” story for Asia Literary Review. Tim Cribb there put lots of work into it and though at first his addtions of whole parapgrapsh were offputting, once I took on his intention and reworked them into my own voice, I think we’ve made a really good story. Thrilling to have someone read your work so closely and carefully. Onwards and upwards dear friends!