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Pleased to announce the release of my latest effort as an editor – in collaboration with Caroline Gardam, Louise Martin-Chew and Nathan Shepherdson. OUR INSIDE VOICES – Reflections on COVID-19. Over 50 short stories, essays, poems and memoir pieces reflecting on Queensland’s experiences during COVID-19.

Get your copy at all good Brisbane Bookstore or ONLINE HERE!

Pick up a copy of Bjelke Blues while you’re there! Hurry – while stocks last!

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Edwina Shaw is the contributing editor of Bjelke Blues – Stories of Repression and Resistance in Joh Bjelke-Petersen’s QLD 1968 – 1987 published by AndAlso Books in August 2019 – a collection of 45 essays, memoirs and stories from people on the wrong side of the Bjelke-Petersen regime. With a foreword by acclaimed Queensland author Matt Condon, pieces by Miles Franklin winner Melissa Lucashenko, the best-selling Nick Earls, respected Indigenous elders Sam Watson and Bob Weatherall, musician John Willsteed, journalist David Margan, UQ agitator Dan O’Neill, eminent historian Raymond Evans, cartoonist Matt Mawson, comedian Mandy Nolan and many many more, it’s a multi-faceted portrait of what it was really like living in Queensland when it was a police state. Available for sale in good independent bookstores and direct from AndAlso Books.



The Oxley Creek Boys are thrill seekers; young, invincible and willing to risk everything to feel alive. Drink, drugs, sex – it’s all theirs for the taking. But things change. Brian’s dad is dead and his little brother Douggie has started hearing voices. When the thrill is gone, is there nowhere left to go, no direction home?

Set in Brisbane, and told as a series of skilfully linked short first-person narratives, this fast-moving and gripping story deals with teenage issues and tough topics.

‘Shaw’s spotlight-sharp portrait of teenagers growing up fast and loose, dazed and confused in 1980’s Brisbane is so real it hurts’ – New South Wales Premier’s Literary Award

Watch the fabulous promo HERE to get a good idea about what the book is about.

‘Edwina’s story sparkles like a diamond which can nevertheless cut very deeply indeed. Thrill Seekers is a memorable and thrilling debut’ – Veny Armanno author of The Volcano, Firehead, Black Mountain

“Sometimes I know a book is going to be special just by the feeling of the first line. The characters are already talking to me – already pulling me into their world and it’s too late for me to turn back, even if I want to. I’m in until the end.

Thrill Seekers is so real – so very true that you can’t help but be moved. Simple, beautiful writing with a massive heart – I just love this book.”
Favel Parrett author of Past the Shallows and When The Night Comes

“Edwina Shaw is a virtuoso in the school of gritty realism. Her writing has a raw visceral power that grabs hold of you and doesn’t let go. Edwina is a natural storyteller with an unfailing ear for the true speech of the everyday. She has a remarkable ability to get inside the heads of a wide range of characters and to portray them with a sympathetic but unsentimental realism.”
Amanda Lohrey author of the prize winning Reading Madam Bovary, Vertigo, and Camille’s Bread

You can buy Thrill Seekers online HERE 

or from any good online bookstore.

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My children’s book for readers between 9 – 14

When Nina and Sam hold a seance in their local cemetery, they stir up more than they bargained for – the ghost of a 14-year-old girl and a whole lot of trouble. Can Nina solve the puzzle of the girl’s death in time to save her, and them all?

This book is part of the Breakouts series. It is perfect for readers who have gained a bit more confidence in reading and who are after a more challenging read, but who aren’t yet ready for longer, more demanding reads.

Watch the promo HERE

You can buy that online HERE or from any good online bookstore.

I’ve been writing and publishing since 2002 so my work has appeared in many anthologies and literary journals including these pictured below.

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